Devil's Backbone
The Civil Wars
The Civil Wars


devil’s backbone // the civil wars

don’t care if he’s guilty, don’t care if he’s not
he’s good and he’s bad and he’s all that i’ve got
oh lord, oh lord, i’m begging you please
don’t take that sinner from me



everyone be like this bald/shaven hair character is connie springer cus he’s bald/shaven haired

but no

konekomaru miwa is the original connie springer

Ao no Exorcist Stage Play cast: Shiro Fujimoto by Yasuhiko Imai

Ao no Exorcist Stage Play cast: Amaimon by Tamaki Yūki

Ao No Exorcist Live Stage Play 2014 Cast—

this didn’t happen in the books


- ancient proverb (via welcometothemasturbatory)

me with most of the blue exorcist anime


lewinlight said: now u have my attention

yeah from what i “read” it looks like they are going to focuse on the kyoto arc and the impure king. it would be nice if they follow the actual plot of the manga in this live adaption

I think its going to focus on the kyoto arc from the manga, someone correct me if im wronng!

So it looks Ao no Exorcist is getting a live stage musical(?) thing

They have already casted Rin and Yukio, i see the dates in june there; no word yet on the other characters, we will wait and see

this was retweeted from Kato Kazue official twitter, so its true facts here

Here is the link to their official page with Rin and Yukio actors

i totes like yukio more like idk as long as shima is hot is all i care about


Ao no Exorcist: Mephisto Pheles & Shura Kirigakure

"Please treasure your life. It would be a pity if a beautiful woman like you died at such a young age"