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Rin Okumura Appreciation Week

Day 4: Exwires

"This here’s my friend, Okumura-kun!”


Rin Okumura Appreciation Week

Day 4: Exwires

hahaha, my favorite relationship is between Rin and Suguro = v=

they’ve been through a lot and there’s a ton of times where their friendship could have gone for the worst, but they stuck through it and even though they still have their fights every now and then they still want what’s best for each other. plus i really love how much Rin looks up to suguro > v> i’m pretty sure that whenever Rin gets a grade that isn’t horrible, Suguro is the first one he brags to


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Rin Appreciation Week-Day 4 (Exwires)


One of our favorite relationships Rin has is the one he has with his brother. (Yeah suppose to do “Exwires” but hey, no rule otherwise!) For better or for worst they’ve got a pretty solid relationship…sort of. It’s pretty clear they do honestly care for one another and both try to protect one another. But at the same time trouble is clearly brewing between them since Yukio seems to refuse to actually say something. Anything even.

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Rin Okumura Appreciation Week || Day Four
    ↳Exwires: Rin and Konekomaru's friendship

Even though I really love all the relationships that Rin has with the other Exwires for so many reasons, Rin’s relationship with Konekomaru really stands out the most for me. Especially this scene in particular. It just shows the level of trust that the two of them share, and is probably one of the bigger moments between the two of them in the series (so far).

Rin appreciation Week - Day 4: Exwires⇝ "What I can't forgive about you, is that you're always carrying such a big burden on your own."

Day 4: Exwires

Appreciate Rin’s relationship with any of the exwires


Rin appreciation week.

Day 4. Exwires.

Personally, I like the relationship between Rin and Ryuuji a lot, but if I have to pick my absolute fave, it would be the relationship between Rin and Konekomaru. Even before Rin revealed his bloodline, he and Konekomaru had seemed to click well together right away. After the revelation, Konekomaru grew afraid of Rin because he was afraid that Rin was gonna lose control of himself at some point and kill them all. But despite all that, Rin didn’t blame him for it for even a second and wanted to prove that there was nothing to fear. Renzou gave Konekomaru a little push and things turned back to normal after that.

Also, I have a feeling that Rin view Konekomaru as some sort of little brother. You could say Konekomaru is sorta like Yukio, what with the brains and all, but he’s tiny and so Rin might find him cute. Hence the reason why he’s petting Konekomaru in the picture above. These two definitely need more development cause I feel that these two could grow pretty close.

Rin Appreciation Week

Day 4. Exwires

Every one of Rin’s interaction with each exwire is unique on its own and that in itself makes Rin such a dynamic character in my eyes. From his infatuation towards Shiemi, his butting heads with Bon, reading mature books with Shima, complementing Izumo, and admiring Koneko for his brains, I couldn’t choose a favorite exwire to present, because Rin relationship with the exwires are all different and important.