Trust No One

"Read as much as you can. Nothing will help you as much as reading."

- J.K. Rowling (via feellng)

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09 18 2014
09 14 2014

have you listened to landfill by daughter? because if you haven't you should and think of izumo and shima

a question by Anonymous

i have, i actually have it in my playlist( i LOVE Daughter ) but i never heard it with any character in mind,

i just listned to it and yes! you can see the shima and izumo parallel, more in izumo’s perspective, sometimes in Shima’s.

My favorite part of the song is:

' 'Cause this is torturous electricity

between both of us and this is

Dangerous ‘cause i want you so much

but i hate your guts

i hate you ‘

shipper heart or not, we know that izumo loves shima (more or less then the others, who knows?) but we also know with everything he did recently, she feels betrayed and basically hates him

thanks for the recommendation anon!

09 14 2014
09 13 2014

Can u post the link to chapter 60? I can't find it anywhere.

a question by kingxofxlight

No problemo, mangapanda has it

here you go

09 13 2014
09 13 2014