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My name is Elvia and I like to edit to Ao no Exorcist. Multishipper and a bit Izumo biased!   
zonela358 Hey I have a question about your giveaway; how will the winner be chosen? Will it be random, or some other form? Thanks. :) BTW, I've always really loved your blog; it's one of my favorites (if not my favorite)! XD

omg i did not state that! i was thinking of number generating it to make it fair

and thank you! that makes me super happy!

evenwiththerain's 2,ooo + Followers Giveaway

So you’ve guys done it, its been about a year i joined the Tumblr with this blog and now i have 2k (add a few) followers!

This would be my first giveaway of any sort, so im still new at it, and dont have much to offer since i gained followers quicker than expected! I planned a giveaway when I hit my 1,500 but i was busy with school and decided that i’d be ready for my 1,750 followers, but you guys came quickly, especially after the Ane Character Appreciation Week.

So let me get quick to the point, i’ll have two winners;

First winner gets to get the authentic (uhhhh ahhhh) Japanese Ao no Exorcist volume 13 and gets to choose between two of the fanarts by Tumblr User Waname. (Visit Her Art shop incase you really want it and cant wait) Either the one of Shima With Black Flames (which is a bit bigger) or the one with the smiling twins.

Second place gets the other artwork that remains. 

I know its small, but I hope you guys accept my humble giveaway. Basically, im really greatful you guys follow me even though i hardly do much. Thanks!

Giveaway Ends October 3, 11:59 pm Central time.

You can like and reblog as much as you like, but please consider your followers too

Ane Appreciation Week Notice

Since i;ve started school again, ive found it hard to edit as often as i did before, so rather than having the Character appreciation week every other week, i’ve decided to do one character per month.

so within each month, one character will have a week dedicated to them

i wont plan the next character until the third week of this month since i do plan to focus with the little sparee time i have to the newest chapter of Ane.

hope you guys understand

oh and something you guys like is coming up so stay tuned

'Come with Me!' 'What's Wrong?!'


29th Aug 2014:

Hey guys! New prints are up on my art shop!

First 10 orders on either Zankyou no Terror print will receive a free mini TweLisa/HisaLisa print as a bonus :)

Wan art shop!


Hey everyone in honor of hitting 2k followers I wanted to make this follow forever. I can’t believe so many of you are willing to put up with my multifandom ass and endure all my fangirling! I love every one of you and can’t thank you guys enough. I’ve also made a lot of friends here that are some of the greatest and some of the weirdest people i’ve ever met! Anyway without further ado I present to you guys some really awesome blogs and people (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ also friends (aka people i’ve talked to more than once) are italicized and favorites are bolded

# - G

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H - N

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O - U

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V - Z

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Ayyyy gurl, thank you

Anonymous Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people’s asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing bad will happen, but it is nice to know that someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. Help spread Anon love, not hate

Aww you think I deserve this, thank you anon. Much sweet. Spread the love anons!


DAY 6. AUGUST 23: LOVE. Favorite Shiemi ship. 

Shiemi x Izumo ♥

Shiemi Appreciation Week - Day 6: Love


I swear, I was gonna post this earlier, but Internet issues happened among other things and…I wound up posting the story after 11 at night (where I live, anyway). Anyway, for Day 6 of Shiemi week, I’m once again giving the gift of Yukiemi! Or YukiShi. Whatever it’s called, it’s Yukio x Shiemi!

Title: A Huband’s Appreciation

Summary:When Yukio gets the rare chance to try and show how much he really loves Shiemi, he tries hard, and she loves him for that.