Trust No One
My name is Elvia and I like to edit to Ao no Exorcist. Multishipper and a bit Izumo biased!   


DAY 3. AUGUST 20: POWER. A special skill/ability/power you apprecciate the most from Shiemi. (like giving nicknames to different species of plants/herbs)

Being able to get over her fears to help her friends,loving them no matter what.


Shiemi Appreciation Week Day 4

Please pass around!

Shiemi Appreciation Week

Day 04. Exwires

Shiemi and Izumo

'…you may hate me, but i really like you a lot!'

Woodkid: I Love You

My internet is acting weird, so I’ll answer asks when it’s not so lame


Shiemi Appreciation Week

Day 2: Words

shiemi’s humble nature as she announces that she just whooped a giant mutant zombie’s ass in five seconds flat before any of the boys

Happy birthday Bon!
Kato sensei remembers you!

Shiemi Appreciation Week

Day o3. Power


'I returned a zombie to the earth!'


Shiemi Moriyama Appreciation Week

Day 2: Words


You may hate me, but I really like you!

DAY 2. AUGUST 19: WORDS. Favorite quote by Shiemi, or about Shiemi. Our little weed plant!